Weight Check at 29 Months

Happy to report A WEIGHT GAIN since our last weight check in December!!!!

After a visit with the pediatrician, nutritionist and GI, Josephine had a weight gain of 12 OUNCES, bringing her weight up to 19 lbs., 6 oz.

Of course, my worrying back in December was for nothing, but you just can’t take ANYTHING for granted when determining things for Josephine.  Every ounce counts.  Every inch counts.  Every bite she takes counts.

But to know Josephine is gaining weight brings such a joy to my heart and relief to my mind.

Nutrition and Weight Gain

On a recent trip to see the gastroenterologist, Dr. Francis Sunaryo, the doctor suggested seeing a nutritionist to boost caloric intake to improve Josephine’s weight gain.  She was 13 lbs., 13 oz.  The blood work came back clear and healthy, so no worries about Celiac Disease, thyroid disorders or pancreatic concerns.  Which leads us to the nutritionist…

“Mitch” Bentler was pleased with the amount of food Josephine is eating.  But steps need to be taken to increase her weight.  Two weeks after the visit with the gastroenterologist, Josephine weighed 13 lbs., 12 oz., a 1 ounce loss.  Some suggestions were to concentrate the formula and add olive oil (1 teaspoon) to every meal.  Another possible concern is that because I make most of her food, Josephine gets very little fat in her diet.  I always thought making baby food was the best way to go.  And that would be true if Josephine had no disorder.  So, it seems Gerber will get new customers soon!

“Mitch” asked to see Josephine again in 6 weeks and I look forward to seeing a nice weight gain!