Weight Check at 29 Months

Happy to report A WEIGHT GAIN since our last weight check in December!!!!

After a visit with the pediatrician, nutritionist and GI, Josephine had a weight gain of 12 OUNCES, bringing her weight up to 19 lbs., 6 oz.

Of course, my worrying back in December was for nothing, but you just can’t take ANYTHING for granted when determining things for Josephine.  Every ounce counts.  Every inch counts.  Every bite she takes counts.

But to know Josephine is gaining weight brings such a joy to my heart and relief to my mind.

Weight Check at 28 Months

Not a great day today.

Josephine had a weight check today and it was not what I had hoped.

She did not lose weight, but she didn’t gain any either.  In 3 months, Josephine weighs exactly the same…18 lbs, 11 oz.  She did grow 1/2 an inch, up to 32 1/2 inches.

I am so bummed out with this news.  I know I shouldn’t be and I know it will get better, but right now, not feelin’ so hot.

My mom told me not to focus on the negative and worry about the next step later, but I don’t want to.  I don’t have to.

I want to feel what I feel now and I don’t need anyone to tell me not to feel that way.  I know that sounds snotty and insensitive and that’s not how it’s meant to sound, but it does.

I can’t help how I am feeling now and I am not trying to stop it.  I feel like I am letting Josephine down.  I feel like I let myself down.

Working at Weight Watchers, I tell people it’s not the numbers on the scale that matter, it’s how you feel inside and how your clothes fit outside.

But not my little girl.  She needs every ounce she can get.

Yes, she is doing amazing things in therapy and in life right now.  She’s cruising (yep, you read right!), she following simple commands (give me, put the mail in the mailbox), she’s recognizing animals and saying them by name, she’s counting to 5 (or approximating the sounds).

But she’s not gaining weight.

I am scared about what the GI Doc will say…G-Tube.  Night time feedings.  G-Tube.  G-Tube.

We are working so hard to avoid it and I hope it doesn’t go that direction.  Guess we will find out when we see Dr. Sunaryo (GI) and Mitch (Nutritionist).

Until then, guess we will be heading to Cold Stone Creamery every night!

Might as well enjoy this journey any way we can, right?!  Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some here I come!

Weight Check at 2 Years Old!

I have always said slow and steady wins the race.  Josephine agrees!

J-Bean is now 18 lbs., 11 ounces and 32 inches tall.

She has gained 6 ounces in 2 months.  Again, it’s a step forward, however small it may be.

You may notice the height number stayed the same.  I assure you J-Bean has grown!  She has outgrown her 12 month pants.  So, I am assuming there was a measurement error in July.

Both the GI Doc and the Pediatrician measured the same.

Keep on goin’, GIRL!!!

Weight Check at 22.5 Months

I’ve been a little concerned about Josephine’s growth lately, so I scheduled a weight and length check for today.

According to Dr. Owens, Josephine is moving right along.

Josephine is 18 lbs, .5 ounces (hey, every 1/2 ounce counts!) and 32 inches long.  Following her own curve nicely.

That’s a bit of weight off my shoulders, at least for now.

Weight Check at 20 months

Last weight check was 3 weeks ago when I took Josephine in for an ear infection.  She was 16 lbs, 14 oz, which was a loss of 1.5 ounces from her weight check at the beginning of April.  But Josephine was sick and had a pretty bad infection, so I will just toss it to that.

Happy to report Josephine is back on track and is now 17 POUNDS even!

Every ounce is a celebration.

As an aside:  I must take this time to say I just found out about a big loss at our pediatrician’s office.  Becky Larsen, a fabulous medical assistant, passed on to Heaven on April 24, 2010, as a result of a blood clot to the heart.  She was 36.

I feel the need to mention her on this blog because she was a true fan and supporter of Josephine in so many ways.  She brought a smile to my daughter’s face, to mine and to every other patient and staff member that had a chance to know her.  I know she will be cheering on “Josephine-A-Bean” from up above.

Rest in Peace, Lovely Rebecca.  You will be missed more than you know.

Weight Check at 19 Months

Slow and steady wins the race…that’s the quote, right?

I am happy to say, at 19 months, Josephine is now a whopping 16 lbs., 15.5 oz.  A total of 4 ounces gained in 5 weeks.

No, it’s not what I had hoped for, but it’s a gain.  And gains are good…gains are good.

Weight Check at 18 Months

Josephine had her 18 month check up today – no shots required for this trip, so she was a happy camper!

She gained 6.5 ounces since her last check 1 month ago. Josephine’s stats are now 16 lbs, 11.5 ounces and 30 3/4 inches tall.  Her head is still on the small side (17.5 inches around), but maintaining at the 10th percentile.


Weight Check at 17 months

Are you sitting down?  If not, you may want to take a seat because this news is a bit surprising…

Our little girl gained 10 ounces in 3 weeks!!!!!!

She was 15 lbs., 11 oz at her appointment on January 5.  At this check up this morning, Josephine weighed in at a WHOPPING 16 POUNDS, 5 OUNCES!

JoJoBean has sailed right past the 16 pound mark!!!!  Way to go!

Mama’s gonna cry…happy tears, of course.