PT and MEDEK: A Video Retrospective

Due to my selfishness for peace, quiet and love of movies, I confess to neglecting Josephine’s site…Sentencing is immediate and will be served concurrently…ordered to post all MEDEK videos from January, February and March in current post (of which you are reading NOW)…


MEDEK Session 6




MEDEK Session 7

MEDEK Session 8

She Goes A Walkin’ After Midnight…

I truly did not think this day would happen, from the first time I heard the words “tetrasomy 8p mosaicism”.  I thought, “What is going to happen to my little girl, my perfect little girl?  Will she ever be able to walk or feed herself or talk or get married?”.

Well, I sit here today, proud to type that my little girl IS going to walk, she DOES feed herself and she IS going to talk.

Now, let’s back up…let’s talk about the walking part…as a matter of fact, let’s not talk…WATCH!

FIRST INDEPENDENT STEPS (3 to be exact – it happens around :29)!!!!!