Mixin’ It Up!

Another posting of Josephine and food – two of my most favorites!  Can’t live without either one!

This brownie-making moment was during a speech therapy session – learning how to follow instructions, learning about different foods, learning about different textures (not a huge favorite considering her sensory disorder), and the best part of it all, EATING THE BROWNIES!!!!


Speech therapy has made a huge leap!  Josephine said “B” multiple times during therapy on Monday.  She had to be prompted, but the sound was there.  We even heard a slight “mmm” sound.  This is after about 2 weeks of pushing to produce bi-labial sounds.

Carrie, the speech therapist, considers Josephine to be at an 8-10 month level (Josephine is now 17 months old).  She is very happy with Josephine’s inflection and chatty qualities.  Gee, guess who she got the chattiness from????