She Keeps Gettin’ Better (at 16 months)!


Here’s a list of some of Josephine’s most recent milestones as of 16 months old. Developmentally, Josephine is at a 6-8 month level:

1.  Mimicking pounding hands on table

2.  Mimicking clapping hands

3.  Reaching for Daddy to hold her while in someone else’s arms14750_190696618236_532718236_3232838_3538662_n

4.  Requesting more facial massage by touching own face, then touching therapist’s hand

5.  Rolling over to tummy and choosing to play for a few minutes without prompting

6.  Bearing weight on legs with assistance for small periods of time, about 5 minutes

7.  Sitting unsupported for up to 30 minutes

8.  Self-feeding finger foods such as Gerber Puffs, Cheerios, pasta, carrots and meats

9.  Beginning stages of stacking blocks by two

10. Use of protective reflexes when falling over (still working on reflexes when falling back)