Mixin’ It Up!

Another posting of Josephine and food – two of my most favorites!  Can’t live without either one!

This brownie-making moment was during a speech therapy session – learning how to follow instructions, learning about different foods, learning about different textures (not a huge favorite considering her sensory disorder), and the best part of it all, EATING THE BROWNIES!!!!


Josephine amazed me today and brought tears to my eyes, cheeks, the floor, etc…

While Carrie (our speech therapist) was holding Josephine and saying goodbye after her session, Josephine looked me straight in the eye and said,


It was the most beautiful sound.  It still rings brilliantly in my ears!

If I wouldn’t have heard it for myself, I wouldn’t have believed it.  And I have a witness.

To hear my little girl’s voice in such a way, words cannot begin to describe.

True beauty!


Speech therapy has made a huge leap!  Josephine said “B” multiple times during therapy on Monday.  She had to be prompted, but the sound was there.  We even heard a slight “mmm” sound.  This is after about 2 weeks of pushing to produce bi-labial sounds.

Carrie, the speech therapist, considers Josephine to be at an 8-10 month level (Josephine is now 17 months old).  She is very happy with Josephine’s inflection and chatty qualities.  Gee, guess who she got the chattiness from????

Therapists Rock!

I need to take a moment to give total accolades to our therapy team from Sunny Days Early Intervention Services (www.sunnydays.com).  Not only are they wonderful with Josephine, they are patient, kind, respectful, knowledgeable, caring and full of spunk!

Kudos to:

Lauren Levine, Developmental Intervention

Lana Furman, Physical Therapist

Kim Pannucci, Occupational Therapist

Carrie Leshin, Speech Pathologist

It is because of all of these women that our beautiful miracle is excelling in all aspects of life!