First full day at the hospital

What a day today!  Josephine had a few tests done to check her organs and bone structure.

Great news – her heart is fabulous and beautiful!  So the Tetrasomy 8p has not affected that at all!  Such a relief.  The pelvic and abdominal ultrasound were also positive and showed nothing unusual, other than her left kidney is located in her pelvic region instead of in her back.  But it is functioning properly and is a normal size for her age.

We are still waiting on the skeletal scan results, but the doctors tell us that no news is good news, which is also a relief.

Since we had to cancel Josephine’s 1st birthday party, we decided to bring the cake to the hospital for the doctors and nurses to enjoy.  And boy did they enjoy, as did we!  Even the birthday girl had a few bites.

With all of the excitement, Josephine was pretty worn out and took a relaxing nap, giving me a time to relax as well.

Although we were in the hospital, I know our Birthday Princess had a great day and fun celebrating!  Life is a gift and we are thrilled to have Josephine in our lives!  We love you!

Truck’n Through Ohio

Daddy and Josephine in the pool

Daddy and Josephine in Mike and Amy's (our cousin's) pool

We recently made a trip to Ohio to see our family. What an incredible experience for Josephine. Although a week early, she celebrated  her first birthday with her Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins–can I just tell you how touching it was to have everyone share it with her (both my family and Krysta’s)! It was a great opportunity for her to see how wonderful and caring our families are! As you can see in the picture, me and Josephine got a chance to cool off from the HOT day.

By the way, it was soooo awesome that she received the many, many birthday presents–especially some “cause and effect” toys that will help her learn! In the last few days, her face lights up any time we bring one out for her.

Our Birthday Princess!

1st Birthday Party at Aunt Patti's - chillin' with Mama.

1st Birthday Party at Aunt Patti's - chillin' with Mama.

Cake with Daddy - YUM!

Cake with Daddy - YUM!