Meltdown Mayhem

Here is an example of a 40 minute daily meltdown from J-Bean, condensed into 3:15 minutes. There is a lot of screaming and hair-pulling, so be prepared. It can be hard to watch – I did this to seek answers for these daily episodes, usually after waking from a nap. This particular day was not as bad as most, as she is usually a bit more destructive and aggressive toward herself (she has starting biting her own toes).

I am waiting to hear from our pediatrician about testing her cortisol levels, as well as her adrenal and pituitary levels. The meltdowns DO stem from being tired because they happen if she naps or not – either it happens when she wakes up from a nap OR later at night if she HASN’T HAD a nap. I know this type of behavior can happen with preschool aged kids, but it seems to me that it goes too far and then J-Bean can’t reign it in. She just loses control. In researching the idea of the cortisol levels (thanks to another Chromosome 8p mom), it seems there is something biologically going on with her rather than her just having a temper tantrum. Hoping to hear something soon because my ears are ringin’…

One thought on “Meltdown Mayhem

  1. Hi Krysta,
    I hope the hormone tests which will be done will help yield answers to Josephine’s meltdowns.
    Just wanted to mention that, after watching the video, I had the sense that she might be having
    a really painful headache, as in a migraine. I wonder if this could be the result of a postural change
    after being horizontal for a nap, or lying down when tired after a long day?
    If it is a headache, obviously there are many forms of headache meds available.
    In addition, recently people are saying that eating or drinking something very cold — e.g. ice cream
    or an iced drink, slushee, etc. — to induce “brain freeze”, may actually give quick relief to a headache.
    This may be an urban legend, but If the possibility of a headache seems at all likely to you, it might be
    worth a try.
    J-Bean has come such a long way. Hope this phase will also soon be part of the past, as you move
    on to good things in the future.

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