Maybe Failing Ain’t So Bad…

While I sit on pins and needles, waiting for Josephine’s blood work, I wonder why I am hoping to find high levels of something in her little body. To a parent of a typical kid, this may seem weird or uncaring or negative. But to me, this is possibly the answer.

Since Josephine’s meltdowns and behavior have taken a turn – I don’t want to say for the worse, rather, a different turn – I have been at a complete loss as to what to do, how to handle her during the meltdowns and, most of all, WHY. IF there are higher or lower levels of cortisol or adrenal malfunction or any of the many other things it could be, I can start finding the solutions with supplements or medication. But if the blood comes back as usual, I will still feel lost and helpless. The idea of having a known in our unknown world just gives me the comfort I need.

Of course I would never wish for Josephine to fail at anything (and trust me, with her spirit and drive, that won’t be happening anytime soon!). Please understand that clearly. I just want an easy “A” this go around – an easy answer to a complicated little gal with a set of very active pair of lungs, accompanied by a very strong will to communicate.

A nice family dinner without screaming would be a nice change 😉