As I drop dead from exhaustion, I sigh a happy gasp of air…

J-Bean has FINALLY hit her TERRIBLE TWO’s…new milestone ACHIEVED!

While I am excited and proud that my soon-to-be 4-year old has hit this behavioral milestone, I am also ready for some serious relaxation.

The following has been my day in the past 12 hours (in no particular order):

Pickle jar on counter almost on floor, broom almost on child’s head, hamburger buns smashing into floor, DVDs used as scooting mechanisms, play laptop used as chair, DS games carried throughout house (to the dismay of older brother), kitchen dishtowel consistently thrown from oven door bar to floor, front screen door consistently open and closed, dirty laundry items thrown down stairs ONE BY ONE, broccoli strewn all over table and floor by menacing fingers, water from dog bowl spilled into cracks of tile floor, bathwater splashed about bathroom floor, newspaper scattered over kitchen floor, Tupperware lids used for various reasons OTHER than to cover food container, unhappy daughter screaming because evil mom takes off beloved jacket to go out into 99 degree heatwave…you name it, it happened.

I love wishing for these milestones to arrive and I will try to embrace this one too, however trying it may be.

I “lovingly” recall shopping at GameStop this afternoon so Sheldon could trade in his DS Lite for a new 3DS for his birthday present – as Sheldon was figuring out what to get, J-Bean started acting out. It started with kicking in a store display and ended with knocking many games off the shelves, all while laughing her manipulatively cute laugh. I am certain the manager to was happy to see us leave.

I was happy J-Bean was where she was – the TERRIBLY TERRIFICALLY TERRIFYING TWO’s.